- Social Art Practitioner -

 A Socially Engaged Photographer,

A professional photographer, currently studying MA Art & Social Practice, having qualified BA in Professional Photography.   Established  as an exhibited, published and award winning artist.  Becoming a Socially Engaged Artist, looking at photography as activism, and taking a communities of practice participatory approach to projects and documentaries allows for greater depth of understanding and collaboration.

My Work

As with many artists my work has evolved through greater understanding technically, and  strong theoretical underpinnings Delighted to shoot all genres of photography, why? because of a  love of making images, of all types, my progression is now to develop as a Socially Engaged Photographer and start to use my practice as an activist, highlighting what is either unseen and not understood, or seen and ignored.

'Photography is obsessive, temperamental, ecstatic and narcissistic in character. It is a solitary activity. The photographic image is discontinuous, selective, unpredictable and irreparable, like the state of things at any given moment. Any touching up, second thoughts or staging assumes an abominably aesthetic character'.Jean Baudrillard: Photographies 1985-1998

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